Armando Leal

Research Assistant

Armando is a Research Assistant at Yunus Environment Hub.

He is working on a research project about entrepreneurship and social business approaches in the Amazon with a focus on indigenous and local communities. Before joining, Armando worked as a Project Coordinator in Solistica a company from FEMSA Group in Mexico.

He has over 3 years of project management and documentation process experience focused on operations and environmental management. His core expertise is in environmental management systems and quality assessment tools that help in continuous improvement projects in operational and strategic areas.

Also, he is a volunteer in Green Impact and Climate Reality Project working in waste audits, climate change talks, and CO2 reduction projects. Armando belongs to the global network of Global Shapers an initiative of the World Economic Forum.

Armando holds a Bachelor in Industrial Engineering from the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon and currently, he is doing a Master in Science in Corporate Sustainability and Environmental Management at the University of York.